URAN art

Idoia Urtizberea is an artist based in the Basque Country. Her art is mainly focused on traditional media, specially watercolor painting.

She’s been invested in Japanese pop culture since the late 80s, a lifelong aesthetic attraction that shaped everything she drew as a kid. 


After moving to Bilbao where she got a Fine Arts Degree, her art started developing into more mature themes. Since, URAN has spent the last decade in a transition that has imbued her previous only-manga style with a more realistic and darker approach.

Nowadays, she draws a wide variety of subjects, from gaming fanart to superheroes and anime characters, all sorts of OCs, metal covers, kawaii girls, victorian imagery, mythology themes and so on. She works from a home studio, back in her hometown on the Basque coast. 


My creative process always starts with the use of traditional means. I’m old like that. Every artwork you can see here has first been on physical format, usually paper. These are the materials I usually draw with:

Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil (0,5 B)

Pentel Graph1000 PRO mechanical pencil (0,5 HB)

Tombow MONO zero eraser

Sakura Pigma Micron pens

Deleter nib holder + wide collection of nibs

Indian ink

Quink ink


Copic Ciao markers

Faber Castle watercolor pencils

Van Gogh watercolor set

Arches, Canson and Windsor watercolor paper

Photoshop for digital coloring

Watercolors are barely edited before being uploaded. The art that has a higher Photoshop handling is tagged as digital, and may sometimes be just a sketch with the whole coloring done in digital media.