My creative process always starts with the use of traditional means. I’m old like that. Every artwork you can see here has first been on physical format, usually paper.

Watercolors are barely edited before being uploaded. The art that has a higher Photoshop handling is tagged as digital, and may sometimes be just a sketch with the whole coloring done in digital media.


If you’re interested in acquiring the physical copy of any of my illustrations, just send me a message and you’ll receive an email with the following info:

  • Size, medium and paper used.
  • Actual pictures of the work, since the original can often vary widely from the final edit.
  • Price (including shipping, which will always include insurance and tracking number).


I have accounts in both Søciety6 and Redbubble. There’s a wild selection of products with my art there!



Redbubble (anime & Yuzuru Hanyu art)

You won’t find my whole gallery on those sites. If you’re interested in a certain artwork, feel free to ask for an upload anytime.


Got an idea and want me to draw it for you? Pefect! This is how it goes:

  • Send me a message telling what you have in mind, be as specific as necessary! State which style you think it would suit best.
  • I’ll give you a quote along with my approach on the matter. There might be things I cannot do, or requests that could work better other way.
  • If you agree, I’ll send you an email with the invoice.
  • Payments via Paypal. All payments in EUR (€).
  • Complete payment is required before starting with the commission.
  • No refunds.
  • Customer will be handed up to three revisions (sketch, final lineart, color) to determine how the final work will look. One revision for lineart and sketches.
  • I’ll send updates showing the work in progress, and once finished, you’ll receive the .psd file as well as the sketches and variations of the final edit (with filters and such) in .jpeg format. This is how I usually work, but any other format can be discussed.
  • Due to the limitations of my scanner, I usually draw on A5/A4 format, which translates to 1800x2500px/2500x3500px (300 dpi) – You’ll be the one chosing the digital copy dimensions.

You can also have the original artwork delivered, in which case the price would be higher.


Backgrounds and second character prices negotiable.

Realistic works take longer and therefore may rise the price substantially.

For more info contact me at: